On 3 December 2015 at the 17th annual LICTA conference solutions developed by RIX Technologies were awarded with the prestigious ICT awards: Platinum Mouse 2015 for the document and content management system Namejs as the most successful eSignature solution and the LMT recognition award Platinum Mouse and a certificate of merit for the mobile application Rundale Palace.

48 applications in total were submitted to the annual award of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association “Platinum Mouse 2015” and they were divided in five categories – “eGovernment Solutions”, “eServices for Community”, “Business Solutions”, “Mobile applications”, “The Best eTeacher”, as well as the new category “The Most Successful eSignature Integration Solution”.

Namejs eSignature solution

Namejs uses eSignature to provide a long-term, modern, uniform and safe information space at each institution (and at subordinate institutions) to guarantee a consistent digital working environment for all employees, provides paper-free office and use of eSignature, improves the service of the clients and helps to cut the amount of administrative work, as well as improves information exchange.

eSignature provides the following benefits fo the users of Namejs:

  • service quality and response times have improved;
  • duplication or information and chances to make mistakes are strongly reduced;
  • humans spend less time;
  • postal expenses are saved;
  • traceability of documents and transparency of processes is ensured.

Rundale Palace mobile aplication

The mobile application Rundale Palace summarises and presents information on 12 interiors of the Rundale Palace in a comprehensible and interesting way. The mobile application operates on Android and iOS smart phones.

Development of the application ensures availability of the cultural heritage of the Rundale Palace providing meaningful use of information for tourism and educational purposes, promoting the sense of belonging to the Latvian cultural space and in-depth understanding of the history and architectural heritage of Latvia.