Latvian IT Competence Centre have started (under the Agreement 18 new R&D projects in 2016, including 13 projects focused on Business Process Analysis Technologies and  5 projects on Natural Language Technologies.

RIX Technologies runs in this scope two R&D projects of Business Process Analysis Technologies, one  of them (research Nr. 1.1) has been started on August 2016 and will continue until October 2017.

Research Nr. 1.1 “Defining a dynamic user access rights data model and creating and analyzing an effective and safe full-text search algorithm based on the model”

The research aims to explore the options provided by NoSQL technologies to create data search algorithms based on paradigm of flexible user access rights model and to develop safe and effective algorithm for information search, tuned for best use with Enterprise Content management systems.

The R&D projects are co-funded by ERDF  Operational Programme Growth and Employment.