RIX Technologies gives away it’s mobile application Rundale Palace to the Rundale Palace museum. The mobile application is developed by RIX Technologies with support from the Rundale Palace Museum, think tank Creative Museum, design office H2E and translation agency Skrivanek Baltic. Application is available online for free for users of iOs and Android smartphones.

The restored Rundale Palace is one of the icons of the Latvian culture. Recently the Palace received the Latvian Architecture Award, a monograph was presented on the history of the Palace and three new rooms opened in the exhibition of decorative arts.

Along with these results of a long and tireless work, the opening of summer season at the Rundale Palace will be improved by an innovative mobile application of the Rundale Palace that will widen the opportunities to get to know the Palace.

The goal of the application is to provide visitors an opportunity to get to know the Rundale Palace following a special route of interiors.

Rundale Palace mobile application provides an overview in the backstage of the Rundale Palace through 12 stories of the Palace’s interiors. Users of the application are able to familiarise with the interiors and their details and listen to the Director of the Rundale Palace Museum Imants Lancmanis speaking on each interior in video message.

Moreover, the application provides close-ups of each of the 12 rooms. In section “Focus” user of the application is provided a detailed information on the restoration history of interiors of the Palace – stories about the storks of Rundāle, flower wreaths, stairs or unique graffiti of the Palace. Additional information is provided in section “Info” that gives information of practical nature.