On 29 and 30 April 2015 the plenary session of the working group of Group of Directors of Archives of the Member States and the Institutions of the European Union (European Union Diplomatic Archives – EUDiA) took place. During the event the presiding country presented the news and challenges and ways to solve the issues in the sphere of document exchange and archives.

RIX Technologies was given the opportunity to represent the IT achievements of Latvia and to share experience at this plenary session.

The project of Integration environment for Document management systems of public administration institutions attracted great interest. The project allows institutions exchange documents in a safe and traceable way. Situation in the Member States was discussed and it was concluded that problems and challenges to be considered in the next period are the same for all Member States: how to save electronic documents for the next generations thus ensuring good quality, readability and traceability of legal force.

After the meeting RIX Technologies will continue cooperating with the experts in the sphere of document management solutions.