80% of our staff work from home to help fight the covid-19 pandemic. We provide still full service for our customers strongly in compliance to SLAs. Call … or send a message to … – the user support is there to help you.

The current situation illustrates how important is to select convenient tools for process management. Users of our document management system Namejs can fully enjoy benefits of handling the documents from home. Document creation, review, approval and signing – all this can be done remotely from home. If you have questions on how to setup the remote access please call … or send message to …

Number of users practising Namejs remote voting has importantly increased lately: 8 customers have implemented the process.

A number of new prospects for Namejs have increased as well – hospitals, private companies and public bodies are among them. We employ videoconferencing to demonstrate Namejs features and to agree on the best deployment options. Please send a message to info@namejs.lv to get more info or to book for a demo.

Please call 67142990 or e-mail at info@namejs.lv if you have any questions.