On November 1st, the RIX Technologies conference “The Journey to the Government’s Digital Transformation” was held.

The digitization we experience in Latvia is more than just document digitalization. It means a conceptual withdrawal from paper documents and a complete transition to the circulation of electronic documents and the use of the e-address.

More than 100 heads of ministries, state institutions, municipalities and other organizations met the conference.

At the conference we discussed what the digital transformation is in Latvia at the moment and what it will mean in the future for state and local government institutions, business people and citizens? Is the digital transformation a purely technological process – modernizing IT systems, moving to the cloud? Do business processes and individuals change their habits? What is the current legislation and jurisdiction regarding the legitimate of an electronic document in the administrative process like?

At the end of the conference, we presented the participants with a true inspiration for the person and his ability to accept the changes.