Why to select Namejs cloud service

Reduced costs

You don’t need to purchase, maintain, upgrade or administer hardware



No headaches when adding more users, units, organizations, processes or functions

Reduced manpower

You don’t need to bother about upgrading Namejs versions or administering servers


Reduced space

No space necessary to store documents; documents stored in the cloud

Anywhere, anytime

Cloud solution is available anytime from anywhere


Reduced footprint

Cloud infrastructure consumes less power as compared to dedicated servers


High security standards, physical and logical data protection  provided by MS security experts and approved by customers  


Always up to date

Customers of the cloud solution always have the latest version of Namejs and necessary standard software


Namejs in the cloud

Namejs hosting service (PaaS) for Namejs licence owners provides 

MS Azure cloud platform
Licences of software necessary to run Namejs Namejs technical supportu

Namejs SKY cloud service (SaaS) provides customers with

Licence and module renting Licence support Namejs hosting

Namejs cloud service have selected more than 6000 users. Out of them 

hosting service is selected by:

  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and it’s affiliates 

  • Hospitals

  • 27 Latvian municipalities

cloud service is selected by: