Namejs has a rich set of features allowing to monitor the progress of work in an organisation. The manager has means to monitor the current status of documents and tasks and a number of options to drill down to details if necessary (e.g. – search and history records).


Related namejs features:

  • Document control block
  • Portal block “Documents under control”
  • Portal block “Current tasks”
  • Portal block “Tasks of subordinate”
  • Portal block “Assigned tasks”
  • Portal block “Tasks for approval”
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Document version control



Namejs may be used to support the organisations business processes “as is”. It would be much better though to think about how to use Namejs to make document flow more efficient. Namejs implementation might be good reason to do some business reengineering exercise. This might free employees from performing unnecessary functions thus shortening the task execution times and reducing costs.


Related Namejs features:

  • Workflows
  • Templates
  • Version control
  • Electronic signature
  • Batch approval of tasks
  • Batch signing of documents
  • Manager’s block of tasks
  • File preview
  • Creation of draft resolutions



Namejs allows an authorised user to access organisation’s documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. This is important in particular for managers as they can use tablets or smartphones anytime (e.g. while out of office) to monitor the progress of work, delegate tasks and make good decisions faster.


Related Namejs features

  • Web application – available anywhere
  • Supports tablets and smartphones without additional installation and licensing
  • Easy configuration of IP addresses Namejs is available from



Namejs empowers an efficient team work as it provides means to set and enforce appropriate rules for document and task flow through an organisation. Thus it is not common to have several employees making changes to the same document at the same time. Namejs uses document versioning to save all changes even if they do. To support teamwork Namejs allows users to review documents during meetings and take decisions and to receive notifications on actions they are supposed to take. Mobility provides an additional benefit for team work as it ensures quick delegating, coordination and approval of documents anytime and anywhere.


Related Namejs features:

  • Version control
  • Workflows
  • Templates
  • Electronic signature
  • E-mail notifications
  • Meeting management
  • Electronic voting