Namejs is an Enterprise Content management (ECM) software that allows several institutions of one organisation to work simultaneously in common environment and which is suitable to manage large amount of correspondence, contracts, orders, meetings, procurement projects and other documents, as well as for automation of document flow. The key to success of Namejs lies in simplicity of its use accross a complex and advanced functionality. A convenient and simple internal and external team work is the value that ensures a creation of joint ecosystem alias information space of the industry.

Centralisation of solutions

It is often the case that affiliated institutions each work with their own or independent solutions, however, Namejs provides that these institutions can work with single centralised solution or in a single information space without interrupting and impacting work of institutions but, if necessary, allowing to cooperate with each other.

This allows institutions to cut costs, such as:

  • Maintenance expenses, as maintenance and upgrades have to be provided only for one solution;
  • IT staff expenses as the number of required employees is lower and they can be trained instead to administer and configure a centralised solution;
  • Infrastructure purchase and maintenance expenses including those of the standard software, as each institution does not require its own server resources, those can be added in case of necessity when the number of users and amount of data increases.


Organisation of information flow

A centralised solution allows institutions to  organise their information flow in centralised as well as decentralised manner. In case of centralised information flow documents of an institution (or even several institutions) reside in common information spcace and users can access documents depending on their roles and access rights. Organizations may choose instead to put their data in a separate spaces and thus ensure all their documents are accessible exclusively inside the organisation. A hybrid option is possible as well when part of the information flow is centralised while each (or some of) the organisation has its internal information flow.


Advantages of integrated information space

Advantages using a centralised solution or integrated information space are as follows:

  • Unlimited number of linked institutions / organisations work in a single information space;
  • Institution has its own working environment in an integrated system;
  • Safe and timely information flow inside the institution and between institutions;
  • Reduced amount or completely eliminated flow of paper documents between employees;
  • Transparent and traceable decision-making.

DVS Namejs is available in three different distributions:

Namejs Enterprise – suitable for large organizations with a large number of users and multiple institutions;
Namejs City – suitable for smaller organizations such as municipalities, educational institutions;
Namejs Sky – is provided as a cloud service.
Ask for the most appropriate solution.