Museum in your pocket!

Museum mobile application

Museum mobile application makes museum available, easily accessible, open and interesting for every smartphone user all over or world both when visiting museum and planning the visit to museum.

Museum doors are open to unlimited number of visitors every day, every hour, every minute.

Cultural and historical heritage is just a few clicks away.

Advantages of implementation of mobile application

Fast and easy presentation of current information for museum visitors

  • Application provides current information on museum collections, news and events;
  • Makes museum available to people with reduced mobility providing them with virtual environment and information.

Increase of availability of museum collections increases museum popularity all over the world:

  • Mobile application works as free advertisement of museum for broad audience all over the world.

Increase of number of virtual and real visitors that enables museum economic growth:

  • Increase of number of virtual visitors enables growth of number of real visitors and length of visit to museum;

Virtual visitors receive information prior to visiting the museum, and the visitor comes to the museum more prepared and is able to enquire information of interest more accurately

The mobile application allows the virtual visitors of museum to:
  • Select application language;
  • Browse and view objects according to classification provided by the museum;
  • View objects images;
  • Listen to audio information or watch video information about the object;
  • Read object description, special offers;
  • View object location at museum plan or map;
  • Use museum plan or map to orient him/herself;
  • Find out general information about museum;
  • Use application calendar to get information on all events, museum activities, special offers etc.
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