Riga East Clinical University Hospital is a multi-profile treatment institution in Latvia that ensures diverse diagnostics and treatment of patients, as well as performs scientific work and develops innovations, ensures training of young specialists and implements measures of social education and health improvement. The hospital includes six in-patient hospitals „Gaiļezers”, „Latvijas Onkoloģijas centrs”, „Biķernieki”, „Linezers”, „Latvijas Infektoloģijas centrs” and „Tuberkulozes un plaušu slimību centrs”, as well as Centre of Pathologies.

Before implementation of Namejs

  • Previously RAKUS used an old system with limited opportunities of use, during the course of time its performance has become low and it had no producer’s support;
  • After hospital centralisation, it was necessary to cooperate with other in-patient hospitals that was not possible without a centralised solution;
  • Without management of meeting documents, it was complicated to trace decisions taken during board meetings and their implementation.

Implemented solution

  • Implemented indexing of documents;
  • Implemented document flow;
  • Implemented automation, generation and coordination of documents;
  • Implementation of electronic signature;
  • Implemented electronic management of board meetings;
  • Implemented integration with e-mail and scanners.

As a result of implementation

  • All six in-patient hospitals operate in a joint information environment;
  • Management of organisational processes (tasks, control, coordination) is fully ensured;
  • Continuity of work processes is ensured – the system can be used in any place in the world with Internet access;
  • Endorsement and signing of documents is legally correct;
  • Ensured standardisation of organisational processes – document flow, task management, meeting management, event management and control – within the entire RAKUS;
  • Doubling of information is prevented;
  • Decision-making and document management process has become transparent.