We gladly announce that now all of Namejs users have become more free and mobile thanks to the addition of eParakts mobile signature to the system.
DMS Namejs is the first DMS system in Latvia and also Europe to provide smartphone users with the opportunity to easily and simply receive, verify and sign documents on a smart device

DVS Namejs is a user-friendly system with extensive functionality, designed for automation of document circulation. Now thanks to this new feature, it is possible to sign documents on the go from your smart device, and you do not have to be in the office at the computer.

Leons Līdums

Chairman of Aizkraukle County Council

It is a very handy tool to have. It was a dream of mine, to be able to be more free and independent from the office computer and be able to sign documents on the go.

Inguna Pede

Member of the Board of AS RIX Technologies

I was one of the first users of DVS Namejs eParkats mobile signature, now I use it daily, it’s easy and so effective, even when you are signing multiple documents at once, I can not imagine my workday without it now.

More about eParakst mobile – here.