Many of DMS Namejs users are medical institutions, that use the system to organize their day to day work with documents while making the processes clear and traceable. Also, other additional features such as electronic decision-making in meetings, structuring procurement to provide sufficient information so work could be done remotely.

he largest of the clients is Riga East Clinical University Hospital, which includes five inpatients and a Pathology Center. They are using DMS Namejs for many years, entrusting its documents to the RIX Technologies cloud service.

Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Center have been using DMS Namejs for a long time and in this period of crisis that they have started to use electronic circulation more widely.

Strenči Psychoneurological Hospital administration, has implemented the DMS Namejs system already in 2017 and immediately understood the advantages of automation and successfully applies them in its daily work.

Aizkraukle Hospital has proved that even a very small administrative team can work with high-quality document circulation.

The implementation process has also started at Pauls Stradiņš University Clinical Hospital.

Most recently, Daugavpils Psychoneurological Hospital has chosen DVS Namejs as the most appropriate for processing its documents. Now they have joined by Aknīste Psychoneurological Hospital.

Riga Health Center has actively started using DVS Namejs and makes extensive use of the system’s capabilities.

The National Rehabilitation Center “Vaivari” which plays an important role in providing medical rehabilitation, health, and social care in Latvia, with DMS Namejs can easily ensure remote cooperation between the branches of the center.

The Ministry of Health and its departmental institutions use DMS Namejs. Knowtimes, the workload of the Ministry of Health has increased several times and it would be much more difficult without a support system such as DMS Namejs.

Higher education institutions that prepare new doctors – the University of Latvia and Riga Stradiņš University – are also users of DMS Namejs.