Document management plays a crucial part in the education system because of the constant need for the balance between quality and control. Losing a study agreement or not be able to find an application when it’s needed can lead to far-reaching consequences no mather of it happening in Highschool or Preschool institution. Knowtimes, when there are so many documents to be processed, its almost impossible to do it all manually, and do you have to work like that?

Our DMS Namejs system has lots of years of experience working with educational institutions and the Ministry of Education.


Time saving — processing documents with DMS Namejs reduces the time of the process and usage or various resources;

Free up space — saving the documents online saves real-life spaces dedicated to document storage;

Prompt access to documents — documents are found in seconds, and they never get lost;

Safety — Documents are protected with access rights and all activity in the system are traceable

Pre-school and general education institutions

Most often, municipal institutions work in the Namejs environment provided by the municipality, to ensure registration of their documents, exchange of information with the municipality, and use of the e-address.

For example, 24 educational institutions work in with DMS Namejs provided by Alūksne municipality. The result is high-quality school management that would not be possible without electronic document circulation.

Technical schools and Vocational schools

Technical schools use

  • registers of correspondence and internal documents
  • electronic document circulation
  • exchange of documents with an e-adress

These institutions usually prefer to use cloud service ( DMS Namejs SKY) that includes rental of licenses, upkeep, and hosting.DMS Namejs sky also eases the work of IT personal, because they don’t have to take care of system upkeep and all the processes linked to it.

Valmiera Technical School and Daugavpils Construction Technical School are good examples of the implementation of paperless document circulation processes with DMS Namejs.


Universities, because of their work-specific use the system in many ways to make document processing more control efficient and responsible:

  • Electronic document processing

Universities use DVS Namejs for registration and circulation of correspondence documents, both centrally and in faculties, as well as for work with e-address.

  • Meetings with no paper management

Meeting module with electronic voting for Senate meetings: notifications, meeting agenda generation, online voting, protocol generation.

  • Integration with other operating systems

To maintain the university’s organizational structure, positions, staff data, the system can be integrated with other university systems. Also, the system can receive documents from other systems and register them according to their intended process.

Namejs users:


Education department

The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) makes the most of the DMS Namejs functionality to ensure the cooperation and complex document circulation process between its departments in a single environment.

Benefits assessed by MES staff using DVS Namejs.

  • Unification of work processes for received documents with the standard task flows;
  • Faster document preparation, than to document templates;
  • Document quality check before handing over documents for signing;
  • Processing and sending of documents received from e-address (including for natural persons).