We embrace sustainability in our business to balance our operation in economic, ecological and social environments. With this vision in mind we are basing our business on ESG principles by caring about the environment, by striving to be socially responsible and by complaining to the good management practices. have implemented the integrated management system compliant to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

We develop and deploy IKT projects that help to reduce environmental footprint both to our customers and their partners. The projects include ones featuring paperless environment and online services. We help our customers to digitize their business processes and thus save the resources. The Electronic procurement system software we have developed, for example,  allows organizations that must complain to the procurement regulation to save manpower necessary to prepare the procurements. Moreover, the software helps the suppliers to prepare their offers online thus providing for the fully paperless workflow. A number of public online services we developed (e.g. the Electronic Declaration System) is helping both the manpower of the public bodies spent on handling the customers and the time spent by customers to the public office (as the service is available online).

Our document management product Namejs provides our customers with fully paperless document management process thus importantly reducing the use of paper documents and related environmental footprint.

We take more steps to further reduce the environmental footprint.

  • we procure and use energy savvy servers, computers, monitors and office lighting to reduce power consupmtion,
  • we use our product Namejs internally to reduce paper consumption,
  • for paper document still necessary we use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) marked paper,
  • we use as well the recycled ECF marked paper produced without chlorine gas,
  • we utilize appropriately dangerous waste like printer cartridges, lighting bulbs, office equipment, batteries,
  • we recycle the waste.

In cooperation with LVRTC (Latvia State Radio and Television Centre) we carried out an action – planted as many trees as many documents were electronically signed in our Namejs product during the previous year.