Population Register, Electronic Procurement System, International Freight Logistics, and Port Information System – these are the digital solutions that facilitate the daily lives of thousands of Latvians and have something in common. They all have been developed by one of Latvia’s leading software development company «RIX Technologies», which celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary on the 1st of June.

RIX Technologies has been the winner of Latvian Information and Communication Technology Award “Platinum Mouse”  multiple times and has done significant work for two decades in digitizing the work of both state and municipal institutions, as well as educational and health care institutions. The document management system Namejs is used by more than 800 institutions and businesses, including seven ministries and their subordinate institutions, as well as more than 35 local governments, certifying the ease of use and quality of the product.

It all started in the year 2001 with only 3 employees who developed a policy sales system for the insurance company IF, which had just entered Latvia at that time, since then RIX Technologies has developed solutions that have facilitated the exchange of information and receipt of electronic services for every Latvian. These include the Civil Status Registration System, in which all marriages are entered, the Voter Register, in which all voters will be registered for municipal elections on June 5, and the State Examination Information System, which collects data on children’s progress at school. RIX Technologies is also one of the developers of the e-address.

The total number of large-scale projects has already exceeded two dozens, and this year the OCMA Register of individuals ordered by the Ministry of the Interior is also being created. The Ministry of the Interior and 9 of its subordinate institutions are also starting to use Nameju this year. In total, this product is used by state and municipal institutions, as well as businesses by more than 36 thousand people.

“On the anniversary, I especially want to thank the client for trusting our skills and our specialists for responsible work. RIX Technologies has become more than one job for its employees. It’s like a family. 48% of employees have been working for RIX Technologies for more than 10 years that is half of the company’s existence, and one-third of the company has been working for 15 years. In a dynamic IT industry, this is a remarkable indicator, and I am very grateful to the team for the friendly, professional, and active atmosphere. That is why we can offer predictability and stability of our customers – they will always be served by knowledgeable specialists who have developed these systems and know them from a to z, » Eva Fadejeva, Chairman of the Board of JSC RIX Technologies, praises the experienced team, adding that the company has a special staff selection. RIX Technologies accepts Universal specialists who can program, test, analyze and manage projects.

The growth of RIX Technologies is best illustrated by the fact that the financial turnover is 228 times higher than it was 20 years ago. In addition to product and solution development, the company is also actively involved in research. Six large-scale projects and two studies are already underway, including the integration of artificial intelligence into digital solutions.